It’s 3am, in exactly 24 hours from now we’ll be starting the adventure and leaving for Heathrow.
Yes, it’s 3am, I’m awake and I’m awake on purpose.
There’s method in my madness
– hopefully I’ll be so tired by 8pm that I’ll sleep for six hours until we wake up ready to go
– India is 4.5 hours ahead of UK time right now, so it’s roughly wake-up-time there as I type, so hopefully I’m also adjusting my body clock to avoid too much jet lag.
It seemed like a winning idea at the weekend when I dreamt it up, now though…not so much.

We’re all so excited at going but at the same time it’s tinged with sadness that we’re leaving Emilia at home. This couldn’t have worked out any worse: we thought she’d be busily working this summer to fund her uni semester in USA – that fell through; we thought she might also be doing some summer trip with her uni/school friends – that never happpened; we thought she didn’t really like India backpacking last time – time’s made her realise she did. We all feel incredibly guilty at being so happy with our excitement but once planned there was no way we could factor getting Emilia to India, even for a couple of weeks. To make it even worse Love Island finished last night, she’s gutted 🙂

Monsoon bus in rain waterThe weather in Mumbai looks pretty wet right now, unsurprising given it’s the monsoon but maybe I wasn’t expecting quite this image, of children playing (?) in the bow wave created by a bus.
Luckily we head two hours south east of Mumbai on day 2 so we’ll be away from the main monsoon rains quickly. On the plus side it’s meant I’ve looked for something to do indoors on Day 1 and as well as a bit of sightseeing we’ll probably head to the cinema to watch Dunkirk, at a total cost of £7 for all three of us, rather than the £37 I would have paid if we’d had time to watch it at home.
Every cloud and all that.

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  1. Good luck, happy holidays. I’m sure Emily be ok and keep herself busy, house work, washing and ironing and making her bed

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