what’s the design about?

Imagine you’re in southern India, sat in a restaurant or someone’s home, it’s lunch time.
Lunch arrives, is served and you look down at your “plate”.
Yes, I’ve designed the page to represent standard food of South India, with a masala dosa set on a banana leaf plate and lots of chutneys/condiments on the side.

At the top we have the masala dosa
Masala Dosa
Dosas are crispy pancake-like foods which are made from a mixture of rice and lentils and can be eaten at at time of the day, being served hot with an accompaniment of sambar (lentil based stew) or chutneys.
They are a staple food in the South Indian diet.
A masala dosa is a normal dosa filled with sweet potato.
The background of the page is a banana leaf which is often used as a food plate.

A banana leaf is laid down in front of the diner who is then given a range of dishes containing different foods, often to eat using their hands. To a westerner who’s used to eating with cutlery, using fingers seems odd, but it truly gives you a bigger connection to the food you are eating.
Coconut chutney
Coconut Chutney
The condiment is made with coconut pulp ground with other ingredients such as tamarind and green chillies.
Recipe (not tried)
Mysore chutney
Mysore Chutney
A chutney made from chick peas and lentils.
Recipe (not tried)
Tomato chutney

An often spicy chutney which is sometimes made with cloves. I hate cloves but actually this is okay.
Recipe (not tried)
Coriander chutney
Coriander Chutney
A mild chutney made of coriander and mint.
Recipe (not tried)