a new blog is born

It took a few weeks to decide on the name – see why here – for the new blog but once decided I knew exactly how I wanted it to look, this page explains what I was trying to achieve.

As far as the holiday goes, so far:
– the route has been designed, to take in an appropriate amount of days for each of the 10 towns/cities we’ll be visiting.
– most hotels have been reserved, most of which will be paid for locally when we’re there.
– all trains have been booked, except a couple of small local ones we might take. Overnight trains have been maximised, saving us from wasting daylight time travelling and also saving money on hotels for several nights.
– the budget has been sorted – more on that later – and should come out at less than the price of two weeks self-catering in Menorca, and that’s including all the hotels and all the travel…and that fact it’s for a month.

Why not take a look at the site pages:
about the blog
the route
why ‘masala dosa diaries’?
what’s the design about?

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