Ayurvedic massage, an eye-opening experience.

Six years ago in Hampi I had a full body massage, which was fabulous, so I was keen to repeat the experience. I knew that in Kerala they offered Ayurvedic massages, which I thought were supposed to help with various ailments, but I had no idea what I was letting myself in for!

Having arranged a full body massage for 1200 rupees (about £15 pounds) I popped next door. So far so good. I had checked that the masseuse would be a woman and when I got to the room I understood why the owner was so insistent that massages were “female by female and male by male”: I was asked to hang all my clothes (yes everything) on the back of the door was then presented with a very thin piece of gauze which hang down between my legs and was tucked into a tied waistband at the back. Needless to say I felt a touch awkward but thanks to the naked calendar I did with my family to raise money for a Diabetes camp in 2011, I just got on with it.

First I sat on a stool while the lady massaged my head so vigorously that I thought it might come off at one point. With copious amounts of oil, she massaged my shoulders and back with a sweeping motion that was heavenly. Then on to the bed where I did indeed get a full body massage. The overall experience was amazing although at points it felt too up close and personal! My advice is definitely go for it if you get the chance, but only if you’re confident getting naked in front of a complete stranger.

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