Street life around Mahabs’s Fishermen’s Colony

You really feel like you’ve escaped the confines of the grockel shops and Mahabs’s Backpackistan when you head off in the maze of streets towards our guest house, on the northern edge of Fishermen’s Colony. People going about their everyday life, no hawkers, no beggars, rangoli patterns in front of most doorways. We’ll be sad to leave* this place.

Here’s a little video of us navigating the maze of streets, firstly to our guest house during the day and then from there to the Santana restaurant when it’s pretty darn dark.

*actually, we’ve already left, I scheduled this post for when we’re on our 750km train to Kanyakumari, 13 hours through the night to the southern most tip of India.

2 thoughts on “Street life around Mahabs’s Fishermen’s Colony”

    1. No, just the way we like it mostly, you get to see real life, real people. Both in Mahabs and here in Kovalam where we are right now there’s very few western tourists something I was made aware of tonight when we were approached by a tuk-tuk driver after a meal out, I said where we wanted to go and asked the price and he said “same as last night, you know the price” with a smile. The night before a completely different driver had taken us back to the hotel 3km away, yet they obviously talk amongst themselves and tonight’s driver recognised our description.

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